Monday, March 23, 2009

A Mask, A Revolver and A Police Chief

9 o'clock in the evening. Monday night. I'm in Brazil... Christ, let's be honest. I'm in some oil-town, ragged-ass Brazilian holdover. It's edgy as hollowed eyes. And the heat won't relent. My shirt is off now and the beers don't do a god-damned thing after a certain point.
I'm trying to wrap my head around the assassination. The assassination that was on pg. 6 in the local press. The assassination that read "a masked man using a revolver" blew away the Police Chief while he was picking up his wife's prescription in the pharmacy.
A revolver....A mask...the Police Chief? It's getting Western out here.
The reports said it was related to what happened a week before; when this notorious favela gang came to town to have a shootout with the police. The police had apparently shot and killed a member of the gang some odd weeks ago. The favela had been planning the attack since. Everybody knew when and where it was going to happen. So to prepare for the shootout, the city blocked off downtown as if it were expecting a parade. The shootout happened. And nothing happened at the same time. No deaths, just wounds and such. I guess the moral is that if you want something done right, make sure you have a mask, a revolver and a police chief.

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  1. sweet life. Sounds like there's some real gangster shit goin' on in your hood dawg. "Ain't nuttin but a gansta party" right?