Thursday, July 28, 2011

wednesday night

It's one of them nights, you know? Refrigerator buzz, coffee table whiskey, some papers and pens and smokes and shit. A walk around the block, and then again but the other way. And just where is the moon? Which brings us back to the beginning; one of them nights where we're free from the pull and the grand scheme, the creepiness of how we all fit in together and show up at certain times in certain places and say hello and sit down. Come tomorrow the weight will be back, the refrigerator buzz will mesh with the grid, the whiskey will be dry, the smokes will be trashed, the papers will be torn and the pens will begin to tease. But tonight, with words written and conscience cleared, I will lay in bed, suspended from it all, my dick in my hand.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hotels and Highways

I was asked to review an album, so i did:

I woke up this morning in somebody else's bed, and I didn't know this person all that well. We lied naked and twisted; talk was sparce, forced and the headaches splitting.

Hey, I told her, would you put on a band called Hotels & Highways?

She did. "Work It Out" filled the air. This is really nice she said. We breathed easier and cozied up again. We began to do what got us there in the first place.

And the album played on.

The long walk home was fine this afternoon. "Work it out, work it out. . . " hummed the hot air. It didn't matter that I could only find one of my socks before leaving her house.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

no good comes from seeing that house again

What makes me sick is the remembering. But still sometimes at night, when I'm riding home from the VFW, I turn seaward down the old street instead of crossing the tracks. It's silent mostly. I pedal slow and take a look at the homes. Newer trim and fences, doors have been repainted, trees have been managed and driveway basketball hoops dismounted. I get closer to 354 and tap the brakes. I roll slowly by and make sure i still recognize our old home, to be sure that it was the same childhood home that enveloped my dreams. Then I ride along, distant and hazy, those silly dreams far flung into the galaxy.
But tonight I stopped coasting by, and stopped in front of the house. I planted my feet on the ground. I took a long hard stare.
This life is a parlour trick.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You left me alone with this bottle, so fuck you

Shove. I'll even fucking scream this time. Let you see what they're after, and what it does to me when its out. What is this freedom I read about? So what if i write these words down. Does it matter to me? Not at all. I'm still half-drunk, near-crazy and full hard-on.
Does it make you feel good?
Does it make you feel good?
Do you like it?

Tilt your head back now and I'll speak to you.
I don't know when i saw the moon last. Or where I was.
i'm still jet lag from july. i ate fried chicken and mash potatoes tonight.
Take that, depression!

It's what you want. Test me. with my pull. Jerk left as i bite right
And what about the rain. I

At this point, if i write "I'd rather just fuck and pass out and do it some time again soon, maybe later," I'm 101. But if i tell you i am afraid