Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Back To It

Today I told a student to "stop poking at the surface; try making something bleed for once."
"This is a writing class, not a science class," she coolly responded.
She is not an artist or a scientist. I don't know what people like her become. Probably teachers. She is the same girl who thought the kids in Lord of the Flies were "stupid." I figured that was a teachable moment and replied, "well, don't have kids." She said, "whatever."
Anyhow, back to the blood. Back to riding the pulse over a shallow reef. To being locked-in. To the sea, to the moon, to the road, to the rocks, to the mountains, to the wind. Back to it all crumbling before you can pull out. Back to being spit out. Back to claiming it. Back to screaming it. Back to expression, style, composure and chance. Back to backing out. Back to saying "it's mine."


  1. I see underlying need for you to do some surfing, not just soul surfing, as you are, but an actual, tangible, emersion in salty fluid...

  2. I just love your blog!

    I open my google reader each day hoping there will be a new post in this blog and everytime it does, I take the time to just slowly take in the words. It's an inspiration!

    Looking forward to more posts.

    Best wishes from the other side of the world