Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Got Nothin'

Can't come up with a decent story lately. I won't call it writer's block, but something is in the way. Got no substance right now. Eh. Won't spoil ya. For the time being, here is what's going on around here:

The owner of the school died in a scuba diving accident. Nobody knows who is in charge now, employees have started to hate one another, and we all take it out on the IT guy. This boat is definitely sinking. This IT guy should be able to fix something, anything, but the server keeps crashing and without the monolith we are doomed! We tell him he has one job and he can't do it, and that his interpersonal skills need improvement. "Of course," he says, "Which is why I work with machines. I can't stand people. " Now we think he is doing it on purpose, and we keep a closer watch on the IT guy rather than our students. Did I mention this ship is sinking?
Today we met to discuss who can design a curriculum since the academic coordinator just quit. Instead we blamed the printer, and that if it ever worked we could maybe teach a planned lesson, so fuck curriculum, and what about this IT guy? He can't even fix the printer. Then, shortly after the meeting there was a shootout in front of the school. We all ran to look, secretly hoping the IT guy got it in the gut. Instead it was some ragged favela kids in an awry car hijack, but since the IT guy had nothing to do with it we cared little and went in our own directions. Not sure what anybody else did, but I ended up drunk on wine and painting my neighbor's toenails.

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  1. Why is it that when servers crash all hell breaks loose? We have invented something in our lifetime that we cannot do without anymore. Weird.