Thursday, September 3, 2009

Scripting a Pilot: The Whistling Contest

Cal: I have this idea about a 15 year old mexican homo-embarrassment story
Brett: Thats what I'm talkin' bout!
Cal: So like, one boy named Pablo is dating Lupe, but Pablo is secretly gay and is in love with Jorge, who is Lupe's brother
Brett: Did they meet at a Quinceanera?
Cal: No, they met because they're probably related
Brett: Oh, ok.Cal: So, the unique aspect of the story is that there is a whistling contest coming up that everyone in the neighborhood participates in and Lupe is the winner 2 years in a row, but, because Pablo is in love with Jorge, he starts abusing Lupe with silence and she loses her ability to whistle
(they've been dating for 2 months)
Brett: Wait a minute!
1) what does a whistling contest entail
2) how does silence hurt her whistling ability
Cal: a whistling contest entails different whistling categories. There's a category for police notification whistling, white people are around whistling, bird whistling, and then, Lupe's category, cat calls at boys.
So, she loses her ability because her mouth dries up when the silence overwhelms her and she stops speaking except to say Si o No
Brett: This is unbelievable material!
But like in a good way
Cal: It takes place in Oxnard, California
Brett: I think i can weave in a duplicitous meaning because whistling kind of goes with silence, yet it is silence that crushes her whistling skills
Cal: Yes
Brett: OK, continue
What about the gay love?
Does that matter?
Or is it just a vehicle to drive the story?
Cal: So, when Pablo comes onto Jorge at a bbq at a park while taking a break from handball, Jorge turns him down without even knowing that Pablo is even coming onto him because machismo obscures the possibility of gayness altogether
and Pablo is crushed!

Jorge doesn't even notice the tension
Brett: OK. Got it. Continue
Cal: So, Pablo is forced into intense introspection where he has to realize one of three things 1) he is generally gay (this will turn his own life and his families upside down 2) he is only gay for Jorge and needs to continue to pursue him, or 3) he should stay with Lupe
Brett: For number 2, we would definitely have to mention the word "loins"
Like when you are not generally gay, sometimes your loins can momentarily lust for another man...but not your heart
Cal: Exactly, and that's really what's happening, he's just lusting, which is the first step toward general gayness, so he does what most young gay boys have done, he chooses to stay with Lupe. And just in time too!
Brett: So he goes back to her before the big showdown!?
This so romantic!
Cal: Because she cannot whistle and has not entered the contest, so Pablo returns to her and kisses her sweetly, tells her he loves her and wants to get her pregnant, she whispers, "I already am" and then takes the stage and whistles her little heart out
The story ends right there, as she's whistling
Brett: Oh. My. God.
Cal: It's a good story
Brett: One more question
Cal: sure
Cal: How do you imagine a whistling contest? Like in someone's backyard?
Are there judges or just mob approval like when Eminem raps in 8 mile
Brett: No, it's in the downtown square. In Oxnard there is an old gazebo where mariachi bands play during special events
There are judges
Brett: And seats?
Cal: No seats for the crowd, because they gather around the gazebo, they simply surround the whistler in community support
It's very cultural
Brett: Tamales?
Call: Oh yes, the smell of tamales and rice and helado
Brett: I can't wait to start this...this one wont easy but twice the fun
Cal: Well, the structure is there so working on it will be easy because you know all the parts
It's just a matter of finding your mexican voice
Brett: Ya, thats the trick
Cal: You have to write it very seriously, without jokes


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