Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Until Next Time

Sitting here at my desk, straightening thoughts out, and the lightning cracks like a shotgun. The rain is now steady, much more than I have been lately. Lots of crazy thoughts going round. It gets like this upon the eve of change. Taking inventory and such.
I'm leaving soon for the States. Coincidentally, or perhaps consequently, I have decided to stop the blog here. For now, at least. I will keep it open and post any updates about my work getting published. I started the Blog at Syd's urging. He said it would open a long dormant voice. It did. And now I want to scream it.
I now have 50 something short stories or sketches for a story. I think it's time build on each, or make them one. Stateside unemployment will be good for this.
I have two stories being published next month. Like I said, I'll be sure to post a notice when they are ready. One story will be in Word Riot, which I am very proud of. An editor at Word Riot read one of my stories and really liked my voice. We went through one hell of an editing session to create a more literary feel. Honestly, I always like the originals better, but the experience was invaluable. Word Riot has published many incredible writers, so again, I am very happy to be making this kind of progress.
Thanks for supporting a friend on the fringe.


  1. I'm sad.... but a stop also means a start... Looking forward to your published pieces and I hope you keep us posted when and where you'll publish.

    I've enjoyed your pieces very much and look forward to new ones and oh yeah the movie picture of Friend on the fringe with the sound of Transwagon ;-)

    Keep in touch!


  2. Fuck it.

    Just like the background says.

    Scream it.

    Just like we always hoped.

    Best of both worlds, no?

  3. Safe travels, Friend. I truly look forward to more notes, insights and ideas, lazers, and unrepenting expletives. See you soon, on the Fringe.