Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You left me alone with this bottle, so fuck you

Shove. I'll even fucking scream this time. Let you see what they're after, and what it does to me when its out. What is this freedom I read about? So what if i write these words down. Does it matter to me? Not at all. I'm still half-drunk, near-crazy and full hard-on.
Does it make you feel good?
Does it make you feel good?
Do you like it?

Tilt your head back now and I'll speak to you.
I don't know when i saw the moon last. Or where I was.
i'm still jet lag from july. i ate fried chicken and mash potatoes tonight.
Take that, depression!

It's what you want. Test me. with my pull. Jerk left as i bite right
And what about the rain. I

At this point, if i write "I'd rather just fuck and pass out and do it some time again soon, maybe later," I'm 101. But if i tell you i am afraid

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