Thursday, July 16, 2009

Danger Doggie: An Update

I have been traveling this past week, and not paying much attention to the fringe. Which is good. The fringe is a brooding hold-over. In the meanwhile I have been working my way down the white sand coastline until I hit Rio, where I will be meeting up with a profane war veteran and a Hollywood Jew. After ten days with these two, the Fringe will need a new server. But for now here is quip of an udpate:

The first thing I realized is that Brazil is actually a nice and friendly place. I have decided that my city, Macaé, does not belong to Brazil as Fort Lauderdale does not belong to America. They are just fucked-out...well, see previous blog.
Last night I was bussing it to Saquarema, one of the best surf spots in Brazil. After a missed connection, or miscommunication, I exited the bus in Bacax√° thinking it was Saquarema. However, Bacaxa is about 8-10Km away, and I had just exited the last bus.
I purchased a bottle of Itaipava, and with my belongings on my back and Havaianas on my feet I trekked the highway through the starless night, passing jurassic aloe veras and exchanging boa noites with the 0ccasional cyclist. It was the most pleasant stretch of time I have covered in a long while.
I arrived safely, feet severely cramped only to find pro surfing had beat me to it. ASP, Rip Curl and Coca-Cola will be hosting the WQS for the next week.
I awoke this afternoon and headed to contest in time to watch Brett Simpson win a heat against a weathered Neco Padaratz. As the contest continued I realized I had been speaking only Portuguese for the past week and suddenly desired to speak English. It was then I spotted some blonde haired bros with Jack's lamenated on their boards. That meant they were from San Diego, so began walking towards them. As I came closer I picked up on the language. One bro hollered to the other bro a high-pitched "Yew!", then followed with, "danger doggie!" and slapped hands with one another.
I became very uncomfortable and continued walking by as if I had somewhere else to be. I was then reminded by something my friend Asa once said. "I have never met a guy that was actually from San Diego that I ever liked." But Asa also once said that "it is hard to be both Chinese and cool."
I don't know what the truth is. It's funny what our tongues do, dictate and decide. They are fateful rudders that. . .no, no I am doing this right now. I am on vacation.
More to come soon.

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