Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fucked-Out Cunt

Nothing proud in form here, in this fucked-out cunt of a place, but poverty expensive with vagina. Men extract their dicks like syringes from petroleum and inject and inject and inject billowing foul motel shadows across the streets that used to dance, but now they hook and con with the taste of oil oozing everywhere bubbling into a swath of ecstasy, disease and chains trailed by beggars and stray dogs.
And in this fucked-out cunt of a place a gate was built in front of our community to protect the middle class from what the rich have done to the poor. But there are nights of imperious invasions when the gate rattles and shrill voices cry my name. I used to appease them with concern and plead in an language I no longer speak.
I know now of their origins and design. It is all a fucked-out cunt of a trick. This my fringe, and I see it all.

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